Advanced Water Technology

Electrochemically reduced water (ERW)

Alkaline ionized water generated by water electrolysis has constantly received increasing attention due to benefits in treatment and prevention of diseases. Electrolysis of slightly salt water or tap water produces a special water very useful and known as functional electrolyzed water. Various types of functional water can be produced depending on conditions of electrolysis, and these types of water are classified into two major categories. One is functional electrolyzed acidic water, which is generated at the anode; the other one, generated at the cathode, is electrolyzed alkaline water. Both, depending on their properties, are widely used in medical, cosmetic and technical fields.

In Japan, research on functional water, especially on electrochemically reduced water (ERW) also known as electrochemically reduced alkaline water (ERAW), is developing at a rapid pace.

Studies on the functions of ERW were initiated in Japan in the 40’s and its application to agriculture was first attempted in 1954. Six years later, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, admitted ERW as effective for human health against various diseases (external & internal) and authorized ERW producing devices as Medical Device. Korean Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) followed a few years later. Today fast accumulating evidences demonstrate how ERW is health beneficial and active in suppressing oxidative stress-related diseases.     


Advanced Water S-100

ADWATIS SA offers a new generation of ionized water called Advanced Water:

  • Unequalled, 100% safe and non-chemical electrolytic reduced ionized water.
  • Strong efficacy thanks to high pH with unique properties
  • Environmentally friendly and non toxic.

Electrolyzed deoxidized and ionized water S-100 is made out of innovative electrolytic patented process as well as longstanding expertise and know-how. It has a pH of 12 or about 100’000 times more negative ions than normal water (approx. pH 7). S-100 water has unique properties of a strong “alkali” water, like sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH), but without any toxicity and harmful chemistry. S-100 Water is 100% safe, stable and effective for 3-4 years. It can be diluted with water or mixed with other chemicals while maintaining ionic properties (except organic acids).


Adwatis Advanced Water S-100, GE-100, CC6

Other alkali waters

pH 12 pH 9-10
Stable (over 3 years) Very unstable
Can be diluted with demineralized water while maintaining ionic properties Reverts to neutral when diluted

Advanced Water S-100 Ionic power : its mechanisms of action

The basic principle

S-100 Water contains negative ions OH-. Once in contact with any kind of surface, material, particles, water ions interact by reorganizing electric charges. The surface remains polarized and actively prevents from any future building up of foreign particles. ("Double electric layer" theory.)

The exfoliation power

Advanced Water S-100, with its army of negatively charged ions, penetrates, encapsulates all kind of particles such as atoms, molecules, micro-orgnisms, molds and removes them by repulsion effect (due to same polarity) from all kind of even or uneven microscopic surfaces. Isolated particles and pollutants are easily removed by rinsing. In case of cosmetic / dermal applications, the same mechanism happens: e.g. for skin cleansing where ionic work force interacts between lipids (sebum) and skin producing a so-called peeling effect.


Comparison made with "Micellar Water make-up remover" (left) versus Advanced Water S-100 (30% dilution) (right).
Drawing made on a tile using "edding 250 whiteboard marker".

Anti-microbial power (removes & kills bacteria & viruses)


In case of surface bacterial contamination such as E-coli, the ionization process of S-100 Water quickly polarizes and dislodges the pathogen. Bacteria outer membrane is dissolved by ions force, leading rapidly to the destruction of the cell nucleus, eliminating any chance of re-contamination by injured bacteria.


Emulsification power

Dispersion of micro-particles of oil in water (10m or less) thanks to negative ions repulsion process.
No need of emulsifier/solubilizer or surfactant for oil in water mixing.


100% Safe & non toxic

Advanced Water S-100 and its derivatives GE-100 and CC6 easily penetrates the different layers of the skin and protects the cell membrane protein, unlike surfactants or alcohol which denature and dissolve the cell membrane.

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