Advanced Water S-100

is a super ionized alkaline & mineralized water that opens new generation of unequally pure and innovative products in cosmetic and OTC pharma with high performance and unique mechanisms of action:

1. Exfoliation / Cleansing Power
2. Antibacterial / Preservative Power
3. Cell's pH balancing Powe

Advanced Water INCI name: Water & Mineral Salts

  • High pH 12 +/- 0.5 without harmful chemicals (bacteria/virus cannot surive over pH 10.5)

  • Safe and non toxic (without KOH and NaOH)

  • Stable over years, can be mixed under certain conditions

  • Environment friendly, Innovative - unequaled to date.

Having a high pH of 12 - totally safe an nontoxic - Advanced Water S-100 protects from any bacteria / virus bacteria & virus. This is called the high pH no life. S-100 does not contain strong bases such as NaOH nore KOH. Again, S-100 is totally safe and is not caustic or aggressive as confirmed in many skin / eye tests. Same for challenge tests where purre S-100 Advanced Water is confirmed having A criterion. Advanced Water S-100 is a weak base and is equivalent to 0,04M NH4OH in terms of basicity.

Advanced Water S-100 is totally stable overs years and can be mixed, in certain conditions, with other products as long as pH remains high, meaning over 11. 

Advanced Water S-100 is made out of highly purified water and 7 key minerals, which coupled with a high pH give its extraordinary characteristics.

Sodium and Potassium are the most important ions for outsider / inside the cell
Phosphorus has a key role in autophagy process / immune function
Silicon due to its 4legs structure can create a myriad of substances to repair and regenerate e.g. elastin and fibroplast.
Calcium and Magnesium are essential elements in the metabolism eo eukaryotic cell biology. Magnesium as an enzymatic activator as well as calcium as intra-cell liquids regulator.
Chlorides generated make sodium and potassium stable and safe


Advanced Water Gel GE-100

is a highly thixotropic water gel with unique emulsification power for a nice gel consistency. Combined with S-100, GE-100 makes oil in water emulsion possible without any use of emulsifier by keeping S-100 unique properties. Advanced Water Gel has the same properties as S-100 as being made out of over 96% of Advanced Water S-100.

Advanced Water Gel GE-100 INCI name: Water & Mineral Salts and Sodium Magnesium Silicate and Disodium Phospate

Key features

  • Quickly turns into liquid form after quick shaking and back to gel within 10 seconds. Can be easily spray despite high viscosity.
  • Makes unmiscible powder in water possiblein GE-100
  • Dispenable as a gel in a spray from (back to gel on the skin).

Emulsification power

Dispersion of micro-droplets of oil in water (10 microns or less) thanks to negative ions repulsion process in specific cases with light formulas. Less or no need of emulsifier/solubilizer or surfactant for oil in water mixing.


Advanced Water Gel CC6

is a light viscous water gel based on S-100. Can be easily obtained by mixing S-100 Water with 1% CMC Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose. Due to its consitancy, very useful for oil in water emulsion in combination with S-100 and GE-100. Can be used alone as a gel by keeping entire S-100 properties.

Effectiveness on dental plaque when used as a toothpaste

Principle of cleaning/exfoliation power.
1. Dental plaque build-up on enamel surface.
2. Once in contact with CC6, ionic interactions between molecules attract negative ions on the surface of the dental plaque and enamel.
3. Dental plaque is removed by repulsion force (negative-negative charges)



Bactericidal effect against periodontal bacteria

Made by microscope picture of patient suffering from periodontal desease.
Instruction of use: toothbrushing for approx 2 minutes with 1g of CC6 followed by water rinsing.




Application fields

Technical: Cleaners-Exfoliation (hightech cleaners e.g. ultrasonic cleaning, E-tobaco cleaning, food processing equipments)

Face & Body (moisturizing mist / cream, pH balancer, impurities, refreshing & care, detox, ...)
Skincare, skin repair, cleansing agent (hygiene, personal hygiene, detox, make-up remover, lotions, serum, skin balancer...)
Dermo-cosmetic (irritated skin, anti-stress, sunburn, cracked skin, ...)
Haircare: (cleansing, hair/skin treatment/preparation before coloring, ...)

Pharma OTC / Veterinary: 
Woudcare (ulcers, burns)
Dermal (acne, irritaded skin, atopic dermatitis)
ORL (nasal lavage, inflamated throat, ear wash (cerumen)
Hémorroïdes (pain relief, healing, anti-bleeding)



Thanks to our GAPP Partnership, the French company PB Group ( can provide you with a range of high pH cosmetic products, especially developped with Advanced Water S-100 and its unique properties for more efficacy and without any preservative thanks to S-100 power.

- Detox Cleaning Foam
- Micellar Active Water
- Leave-on Hand Cleansing Gel
- Milky Mist
- Cream (face & body)
- Jelly Scrub

and more...



Advanced Water S-100: Available in 18 liters bag-in-box. 

Advanced Water Gel GE-100: Available in 10 liters bag-in-box. (18 liters on demand)

Advanced Water Gel CC6: Available for sampling (1liter)




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