ADWATIS / A.I. System Products
at COSME Tech 2018 Japan

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Asia leading's exhibition for cosmetic ingredients, contract manufacturing and product development and
packaging welcomed the highly innovative company 
AI System Products Corp and its Int'l Partner, 
Swiss company ADWATIS SA.






ADWATIS is honored to welcome
and present PB Group company
as its GAPP Exclusive Partner
for Cosmetic Applications in France.

Global ADWATIS Partnership Program (GAPP) has now started with its first
Partner, the company PB Group located in France with several premises dedicated
to cosmetic, perfumery, pharma, veterinary and food complements.

PB Group is highly and internationally recognized for its expertise in its areas
of predilection. "Advanced Water Technology from ADWATIS opens a new
era in terms of formulation and unique products' efficacy, both 100% in line
with customers' new expectations for cosmetics as well as with new challenges
posed by new cosmetic regulations" underlines Mr. Laurent Dodet, CEO of PB Group.

And Mr. Georges Bouille CEO of ADWATIS to add: "with PB Group,
we have found a strong Partner, focused on innovation and technology
with the right development platform and commercial support to develop
our activities in France. Knowing the unique and amazing technology
of Advanced Water S-100, this new partnership will be a game
changer for leading companies looking for real innovation".

More under PB Group: 


ADWATIS SA awarded at Cosmetic 360

ADWATIS' unique active water - Advanced Water S-100 - was awarded last week at Cosmetic360 exhibition
in Paris as the Winner in the category Raw Materials - Active ingredients as the most innovative product.

ADWATIS' team is proud of this success which paves once again the way of its unique technology for cosmetic,
beauty and dermo-cosmetic applications.


See you soon at Cosmetic 360

ADWATIS team will exhibit at Cosmetic 360 in Paris. Advanced Water S-100 as a new plateform for unique
osmetic products. Water S-100 is now an active, thanks to its unique properties (high pH, minerals).
Your are kindly invited to discover our Advanced Water technology. Unique and unequalled worldwide.

Welcome to our booth Nr. H15




Ready for Ukraina 2017 ?

Cosmetics Ukraine 2017 Conference is the most important part of the Cosmetics Ukraine 2017 International Forum.
Its aim is to provide a new platform for discussion of pressing issues of cosmetic industry. Main conference topics:

Technical regulation

Development of cosmetic products: from idea to finished product

“Green Cosmetics” special session

Marketing, packaging, sales

Market, trends



More shows / exhibitions to come

Visit us at COSMETICS UKRAINE 2017 and
discover Georges' speech:

Advanced Water technology: a unique platform for
innovative cosmetic products

Whether in cosmetic or healthcare markets, consumers’ demand is increasingly and rapidly
oving towards smart, responsible and more sustainable products with high level of efficacy
and safety. Could water be a new platform for super claims? Through Georges Bouille
presentation, let’s discover the amazing Advanced Water S-100 which undeniably
opens new paths in key Cosmetic applications, without using any preservatives or
even emulsifiers for o/w emulsions for creams and lotions. Disruptive.



The place to be...

Visit us at DEWU Germany, Booth N8

ADWATIS is proud to join as an exhibitor the DEWU Deutscher Wundkongress in Bremen to present its unique
and unequalled Advanced Water S-100 technology. An increasing number of tests conducted by doctors, nurses
and clinics clearly demonstrates the unique benefits of Advanced Water in case of ulcers, burns and atopic dermatitis.
Very surprising, like always.

DEWU offers an highly professional Woundhealing platform gathering over 100 exhibitiors and thousands of wound specialist from all over.

Looking forward to welcoming you.



New AI System branch research office in Tokyo

Started in April 2017, the new branch research office will be focused on
scientific papers / research around S-100 water technology and its applications in medical fields.
The location is a highlight in Tokyo, says Mr. Masahiro Okajima, CEO of AI System Products Co.
This paves an additional milestone in AI System business and scientific development.


New INCI names for Advanced Water

The Personal Care Products Council has now assigned the INCI name for Advanced Water S-100 as: Water and Mineral Salts.

Bio-electronic Water....
ADWATIS at CosmeTech 2017 in Tokyo Big Sight

Asia leading's exhibition for cosmetic ingredients, contract manufacturing and product
development and packaging welcomed the highly innovative company AI System Products Corp
and its Int'l Partner, the Swiss company ADWATIS SA 

Many visitors were eager to discover and know more about our disruptive technology
based on water & key mineral salts called Advanced Water S-100. 


Most of scientists being very surprized...

Almost nobody knows about non corrosive and non toxic high pH... They never saw...
It's often said: "Such a technology / product his is not in the books" ...
"Yes, of course... But on your desk! " says ADWATIS...

The magic of Advanced Water S-100. Unequalled, safe, non-toxic and highy powerful.



Advanced Water S-100 is "really" unique

Wether in cosmetic or medical, Advanced Water S-100 is considered as unique and unequalled.
It revolutionises the way scientists think in terms of pH, preservation and chemistry...
Based on several meetings with international pharma and cosmetic companies, S-100 opens
totally new perspectives for health & skincare.

"Out of the box" technology for "In the box" products and applications.
New test results to come soon.

New formulations (skin hygiene) were presented at Luxe Pack. A new approach in terms of "pure and without 
any kind of preservative"  thanks to high pH which is quickly neutralized when in contact
with skin' organic acids. 


New approvals for Advanced Water S-100

ADWATIS water technology successullly passed Cosmetic Challenge Tests & Patch Tests
with clinical examination. Through its unique super electrolytic ionized water, ADWATIS water
fully expands key properties of water as a totally new and smart active component.
Its unique mechanism of action increasingly surprises cosmetic innovation specialists.


ADWATIS jointly presents its unique active water technology

P&B Group and ADWATIS - Partners for innovative solutions in the cosmetic industry. P&B Group is presenting a new
generation of cosmetic products based on unique ADWATIS water technology.

Discover the new Skin Repair concept thanks ot Ionic Power. Visit us at Hall Atrium, Stand AB6




CosmeticBusiness 2016: Many thanks to our visitors.

Great interest for a real innovation: Advanced Water S-100. Many visitors are impressed: "this is a totally new way to formulate innovative and powerful cosmetic products - miles ahead from conventional solutions" according to a German visitor well established in the cosmetic industry.

ADWATIS exhibitis at CosmeticBusiness in München


Visit us at booth 2 C26

Discover how water can make your cosmetic product smarter and more efficient. Through its unique Advanced Water Technology, ADWATIS fully expands key properties of water as a totally new and smart active component.


ADWATIS booth was a success at EWMA European Wound Management Association

Was in Bremen Germany on last May 2016. EWMA is considered as the biggest Congress & Exhibition in the World for wound and burn. Over 6000 delegates as well 180 exhibitiors... Among them the new company ADWATIS SA. Our technology surprised many visitors due to Advanced Water unique properties. Very surprising...


ADWATIS joined NH's OTC Conference & Action Workshop

Was a great success. ADWATIS water technology was highly favoured by aninternational audience in Krakow (Poland). Georges Bouille presented the highly inspiring new Advanced Water S-100 under the following angle: Could water be a new platform for super claims? 

Don't hesitate to ask for a copy of the presentation to


ADWATIS will be present at National Symposium Swiss Burn & Wound 2016 in Lavey-les-Bains.

A new step in sharing information, product and knowledge: Advanced Water technology will be presented at the Symposium. Looking forward to meeting you there.


ADWATIS at EWMA European Wound Management Association 2016 exhibition.

Adwatis will exhibit at EWMA in Bremen in May 11-13, 2016. Booth Nr. 5B09. We are looking forward to meeting you there. 
EWMA offers an fantastic platform and visibility for our unique and unequalled technology. 


ADWATIS new offices. 

We are pleased to share with you that Adwatis moved to its new offices in Boucle de Cydalise 1, in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland). This is effective as of March 1st, 2016. 


CosmeTech 2016 Tokyo/Japan


Was a great experience to participate to Cosmetech 2016. Many interest in our ionized water technology. Mr. Okajima and Mr. Bouille proud of AI System Products Corp. / ADWATIS SA booth.


ADWATIS SA  |  Boucle de Cydalise 1  |  2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds  |  Switzerland
Boucle de Cydalise 1
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds